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Chapter 570 I Will Never Leave You Alone

  • “Christopher, that's too much!” When Lyle was about to throw a powerful punch in Christopher's direction, I got in his way and yelled, “No! Stop it, Lyle! You're not supposed to beat him!”
  • “That's it! Stop being lovey-dovey in front of me! It's disgusting! Get out of my sight at once! Yvonne, I'll file for divorce with you as soon as I make it out alive!” Christopher was at the top of his lungs again.
  • As my mind was all over the place, I started wailing, “No! There's no way I'm leaving you just yet! If you want me to leave, you need to come with me!”
  • “Well, if you're not leaving, I'll leave! Zach, it's time to go and leave them alone!” Christopher staggered the moment he tried to bring himself up. Nonetheless, he supported himself and made his way to Zachary's side with the aid of the boulder.
  • I rushed over to his side and stopped him from leaving while wailing, “Can you stop chasing me away? I know you're trying to get rid of me and lure John away from us! I'm well aware you're trying to keep me safe, but you're not supposed to leave me alone! Haven't you promised me to stay with me till death do us part?”
  • Slouching against Christopher, I started weeping and gasped out the things I had in mind, “I have long made up my mind to brace myself through the challenge with you! Have you forgotten your promise when we were stranded on the island? You told me you would never leave me again!”
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