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Chapter 569 The Showdown

  • “Actually, it's not even necessary since there's no way we're making it out alive when we can't even put on much of a fight!” Once Zachary finished remarking sarcastically, he turned around and asked, “How have you made your way here? Is Sabby aware of the things going on?”
  • Shaking my head, I shared the bad news with him, “Sabby was the one who told me of the things going on! Otherwise, I wouldn't even be here!”
  • Colors started draining from his face. He seemed as if he was about to pass out soon. The fact he was still conscious was a miracle since he could barely carry on with the conversation.
  • “I can't believe I have been away from home for a fortnight. Are the little ones doing fine?”
  • “They're doing fine! In fact, they're in great hands with Sabby since she's exceptionally patient with the little ones. Your safety is her sole concern as of now.”
  • “Nothing else matters as long as they're doing fine!” Zachary repeated himself over and over again as if he couldn't care less about himself.
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