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Chapter 568 A Trap

  • My mind was all over the place when the man showed up with a gun in my face. I couldn't figure out the reason he was aware of my presence when I had sneaked my way through the isolated desert. The moment the man saw me, he got down on his knees and announced with a hushed voice, “Yvonne, hurry up and check on Christopher! He has passed out due to dehydration!”
  • “Huh?” Upon another glimpse at the man in front of me, I found out he was none other than Zachary. Thus, I urged, “Lyle, hurry up and come over here!”
  • The moment I rushed to the giant boulder, I saw an unconscious Christopher on the ground. I couldn't stop my heart from racing as I yelled, “Christopher, wake up!”
  • I placed his head on my thighs and tried getting him to finish the water I brought along with me. As he was unconscious, I ended up feeding him to ensure he would remain hydrated. Once I ensured he had enough, I started sprinkling water all over him.
  • When Lyle returned to us with Zachary, I found out Zachary was heavily injured. We were merely apart from one another for a fortnight, but the initial muscular man had turned into a scrawny figure.
  • Unable to remain calm, I asked, “What are we supposed to do? We need to rush all of you to the hospital since the antibiotics I have with me aren't going to work!”
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