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Chapter 565 Danger

  • “Well, Yvonne, you... Forget it, come inside first. I'll tell you all about it.”
  • Sean led me into the big yard and to the dorm inside. He said something to the guards at the entrance and left in a hurry. Initially, I did not suspect anything. After waiting for a very long time, it suddenly dawned on me that Sean had no intention to tell me anything about Christopher. He actually wanted to keep me here, refusing to let me take the risk.
  • Everyone was baffled at my desire to come here, especially because I did not possess any special capability that would be of any help. They probably felt that I was just creating more trouble for them. What they did not know was how terrified I was whenever I thought about Christopher being left alone somewhere. He was probably injured and had no way to call for help. Death might have crossed his mind multiple times.
  • At night, I took a peek outside. There was a group of soldiers gathering at a spot nearby, but they dispersed soon after. Did they leave to go find Christopher? I was so frustrated.
  • “Lyle, I can't stay here and keep waiting. Time is running out,” I said under my breath.
  • Lyle was here to bring me dinner. He felt so helpless at my remark. “The police is everywhere. Sean has instructed us not to leave. There's no use to fret. With the number of people searching for him, I'm certain we'll receive good news soon.”
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