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Chapter 56 A Bet

  • “You must be heartbroken. You have always been affectionate towards Lyle. There's nothing wrong with that,” Crystal stated nonchalantly while resting her chin on her right palm. “You've loved Lyle for a long time now, haven't you? If I'm not mistaken... Around ten years, am I right? Crushing on someone must be so hard. Being able to love someone publicly is such a privilege. As your cousin, I should give you at least a chance, shouldn't I?”
  • My expression darkened. No one except myself knew about the fact that I had a crush on Lyle. Even on my wedding day, I had only told this secret of mine to Sabrina. Not even Lyle knew about this, so how did Crystal find out?
  • “You must be wondering how I found out. My dear cousin, seeing you like this sure isn't giving me any satisfaction in winning.” Crystal lounged lazily on the couch with a wide smile. “You know, in the past, I saw you as the spoiled child of the Tanner family, whereas I'm the poor kid whose dad had died. But now, you've lost your mom and your dad's affection. Even your husband is in love with me.”
  • Crystal placed her hand on her lips as she gasped coyly and said, “Oh no, I sound rude, don't I?” She then looked at me sympathetically. “This is reality, but it's almost agonizing to see you looking so disheveled, dear cousin. However, Lyle and I go way back. I'll be generous and offer you another chance with him. Whether or not you succeed is up to you.”
  • Crystal's words pierced through my heart, causing the cracks to deepen. There wasn't anything I could refute because all she had said was true. I truly had lost everything, even before she returned. As I fiddled with the watch on my wrist, however, my heartache seemed to have dulled.
  • “Well, Crystal, aren't you just as despicable as you were back then? I really don't mind that you keep stealing my things. After all, the ones that you can't steal are the ones worth keeping. No matter how proud you act, you can never run away from the fact that you're still the poor kid who lives under our roof. Friendly reminder that you're a Yates, not a Tanner.” I smirked.
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