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Chapter 554 Bad Intentions

  • The Lane family was rather nice to me even though Christopher wasn't around. Darius kept topping up my plate with food but Julia had a conflicted look in her eyes when she looked at me. She probably wasn't expecting my mom to be an old acquaintance of hers.
  • Julia asked me to go for a walk with her in the garden after the meal. Shelley wanted to join us, but Julia immediately rejected her request by saying, “Go check Darius' closet and see if he needs any new clothes. The weather is turning cold soon; you should get him some extra coats.”
  • “But I already had one tailored yesterday...” Shelley stopped mid-sentence when she realized what was going on and continued by saying, “I mean, I've already checked his closet yesterday and we just need to decide on which design to go with today. I'll get to it right away. Have a nice day, you two!”
  • I could tell that Julia had something she wanted to talk to me about, so I followed her into the garden. Julia tended to her garden often as she loved her flowers a lot. The place was filled with beautiful flowers in full bloom.
  • She then stopped in the center of some lilies and knelt down to touch them. “Look at the flowers. They're all blooming in such bright colors, showing their most beautiful sides to the world. See these two flowers over here? They are quite similar in size and look the same at first glance, but there are tiny differences between each individual flower. This one is growing in a suitable spot, so it blossoms nicely. The other one is growing on the side and hasn't been receiving enough nutrients, so it won't last long even if it does blossom. The same principle applies to marriages.”
  • I was able to read between the lines and immediately understood what Julia was implying. “Are you saying that my marriage with Chris won't last long because of my mom, Mrs. Lane?”
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