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Chapter 551 A Strange Lucas

  • “It's hard to say who owes the other more between your mom and me, but that pure and perfect woman whom I remember is long gone. I was biting off more than I could chew, trying to date an amazing woman like your mom when I wasn't even worthy of her time and effort. Perhaps she had only intended to be with me for a while, but I thought she was going to stay with me forever.” It was the first time Nathan had spoken to me about Isabelle so openly.
  • He began to tear up as memories of their past filled his head. This was the first time I felt his love for Mom. He used to love her as much as Christopher loved me, and he genuinely wanted her to be happy.
  • I tried my best to calm myself down, but my fingers kept trembling as I stared at Nathan. I said, “I understand. Crystal is right: you don't owe me anything. In fact, I'm the one who owes you after everything you've done for me. Don't worry, I'll ask Mom to spare the Tanner family as a means of making it up to you for not kicking me out back then. Thanks for raising me. Goodbye, Dad.”
  • Since I wasn't his daughter, that could very well be the last time I ever called him “Dad.” I should be calling him “Uncle Nathan” from that point on.
  • I then pushed my way through the crowd of journalists and ran toward the exit. A few of them tried chasing after me but stopped the moment I flashed them a fierce glare. Just as a car pulled up outside the hospital, I got in immediately to escape from the journalists.
  • “What's the matter? Did something big happen? Why are the journalists chasing after you like that?” Lucas asked in confusion as he watched me pant heavily.
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