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Chapter 55 Take Off The Ring

  • As soon as I heard that, my expression shifted. I immediately removed my ring. “Look, Crystal. Shall I give my ring to you? I think it suits you better. Darling, what do you think?” My voice was icy.
  • I deliberately dragged the word “darling” as I narrowed my eyes at Lyle. The atmosphere was exceptionally awkward. Then the waiter bowed his head and apologized to me profusely.
  • I didn't take his words to heart because my attire was a bit sloppy. Moreover, he merely did his duty to please his customers. “It's fine. My husband and my cousin are really close. They do look like a cute couple together. How lovely.”
  • “Yvonne, stop it!” Lyle roared.
  • “Yvonne, what are you talking about? Crystal just returned, so there's nothing wrong with him taking care of her. As her cousin, you should know better. Don't overreact.” Wendy chimed in.
  • Overreact, huh? Then what should I do? Should I just give in and leave my husband to this woman? Why? Because they share true love?
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