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Chapter 549 Not A Tanner

  • Although it was an angry text, I couldn't help but smile when I read it. Christopher was simply so nice to me that he couldn't bring himself to upset me at all. For some reason, all the negativity in me vanished that very moment, while the world around me seemed to have magically become a lot better.
  • Christopher had this special ability to warm my heart each time without even saying much. Instead, it was the little things he did that worked wonders. There was no way I could ever give up on a man like him, let alone leave him.
  • He had spoilt me to the point of no return. I would be a fish out of water without him - no one could possibly treat me better than he!
  • I'll let you do whatever you want to me when you get back, okay?
  • I sent that text to him just to share my current mood with him, even if he couldn't see me on the spot.
  • Things didn't seem to be getting any better for the Tanner family. When I woke up the next morning, all I saw on the news were rumors about them going bankrupt. Looks like the stuff I told Mom yesterday backfired... Dad has hurt Mom so badly that she no longer has any feelings of affection for him. The deeper you fall in love with someone, the more you hate them when they hurt you. Judging by how angry Mom looks whenever she talks about Dad, I can tell that hatred is all that remains in her heart.
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