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Chapter 545 Undo What He Has Done

  • I knew about Mom going after the Tanner family. I had thought that she was just snatching away some of the family's businesses out of spite, but she actually managed to overwhelm the Tanners in just half a month.
  • Grandma told me how Dad had married Mom and built his company using the money from Mom's family, only to betray her love for him later on. I could understand why Mom would do what she did, but... Is her ultimate goal to destroy the Tanners completely? Honestly, the thought of a beautiful and gentle woman like Mom turning into a merciless avenger scares me. Just how much pain and despair did she suffer to end up like that? Also, if this is the way she now behaves, how could she possibly approve of my relationship with Christopher?
  • Nathan thought I was reluctant when he saw no response from me; he got a little anxious. “I hate having to ask you for help, Yvonne, but I really have no other choice now. Besides, you grew up in this family! We may not be as rich as those wealthy families out there, but we never had to worry about putting food on the table, either. As your father, all I ask is for you to help me out this one time!”
  • Theoretically, I was indeed supposed to help my dad this one time. “Have you seen Mom?” I asked while glancing at Scarlett who was standing by the door.
  • “I have. She's still as gentle and capable as ever.” The look of nostalgia on Nathan's face suggested that he was recalling some pleasant memories of their relationship.
  • “Yeah, Mom looks just as pretty as before. I'm sure she has already made her intentions clear to you, right?” I asked.
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