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Chapter 540 Price Of A Life

  • “We've met at a party previously.” I let out a silly grin.
  • “Feel free to come often when you have time. The Goldstein residence is huge, but it's quiet. There are not many people around. Oh right, you learned to draw, right? I heard you have some accomplishments. I can provide funds to invite some famous artists, and we can organize a seminar as well as an art exhibition. What do you think? Remington Fowler, the most well-known young artist in Hawen, is now in the limelight. People call him the most gifted artist. I'll invite him to support you.”
  • Mark cared about me a lot. He was like a loving father. However, I felt extremely awkward. Fleynia was renowned for its artists. Many world-famous artists were born there. I knew Remington had represented Hawen to carry out an art seminar in Fleynia recently. As for me, I was only relatively well known. I was not good enough to attend the seminar.
  • “Thank you, Mr. Goldstein, for your kind intentions. But I need to sharpen my skills a little more and I shouldn't be too hasty in this matter.”
  • That night, Mark invited me to stay overnight at the Goldstein residence. I planned to reject his offer, but he was too hospitable. I noticed Mom's expression as well. It was as if she did not want me to stay.
  • “Mom, Sharon wanted me to pass this document to you.” I passed the document Lyle gave me to Isabelle.
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