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Chapter 54 Lovely Couple

  • “Let her be. They are not even heavy. Geez.” As soon as I got up, Wendy picked up the shopping bags on the floor and shoved them in my hands. She eyed me with such disdain as if I were trash.
  • An employee received better treatment.
  • After shopping, Wendy was hungry. Then, at that very moment, Lyle called to inform her he was joining us for lunch. My heart skipped a beat because I was not ready to meet him after our big fight.
  • Like a bad penny, he showed up. As soon as he walked into the restaurant, he went straight to Crystal and sat beside her. I figured he probably didn't see me behind all those shopping bags. He looked genial as he chatted with them. It was his smile that I missed because it once lit up my world.
  • “Yvonne, call the waiter,” Wendy instructed as she walked to our table.
  • “Eve?” He turned to me in surprise. It was clear that he didn't notice me at all. “Why are you here? And where were you yesterday?”
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