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Chapter 536 Cursed

  • “This is so twisted! You must have been cursed by someone wicked to have all these bad things happening to you, Yvonne. Oh, God. All my life I've known so many people, yet all of their miseries can't even add up to yours.”
  • Frustrated, Sabrina paced in front of me with her child in her arms. At the sight of me keeping quiet and staring blankly into the air, she sighed and handed her son to me. “Hold your godson for me. Since there's no way of reversing what happened, we should find a way to solve it rather than give up, don't you think so?”
  • I held the baby in my arms and rocked him gently. “It was only yesterday when Chris and I were discussing which wedding gown I should wear, Sabby. Just one day, and we are separated by our families' feud.”
  • “You're definitely the unluckiest person in the world. I thought Christopher decided that celebrating April's Fool early was a good idea when he called me this morning.” Sabrina clutched her head. “All of this started from the moment your mother came back! If I knew this was going to happen, I would have done anything to prevent her from returning.”
  • Uncertain of what to say, I merely stared at Sabrina.
  • “Relax. I'm just joking.” Realizing that she might have gone overboard, she laughed dryly.
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