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Chapter 535 Resentment From The Past

  • Am I really unworthy of happiness? Every time I think I'm finally getting the happiness I deserve, God always extinguishes my hopes.
  • I was in a trance for so long until the car came to a sudden halt. I was flung forward by inertia.
  • “Eve! Are you all right?” As Isabelle helped me back to my seat, she yelled at the driver, “Is this how you drive?”
  • “I'm so sorry, Mrs. Goldstein. I had to avoid a car that was running the red light,” the driver apologized in fear.
  • “Are you hurt, Eve? Let me have a look.” Isabelle cupped my cheeks and scanned my face for injuries. Upon noticing the bump on my forehead, she ordered the driver to drive us to the hospital.
  • I recovered from my daze and grabbed Isabelle's hand anxiously. “Mom, what went wrong? Why are Chris and I enemies now? I can't lose him, Mom. I can't!”
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