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Chapter 530 All You Need Is Your Mother

  • The next morning, I woke up with a big, satisfied smile on my face. It was as if everything would work out as long as I had my mother by my side. A servant of the Goldsteins was already waiting for us when my mother and I walked out of the hotel. “Madam, I was ordered to take you back home.”
  • Refusing to let my mother go, I immediately grabbed her by the hand. “Can't you live with me?”
  • “I'm a Goldstein now. Of course, I have to stay at the Goldstein residence, silly,” answered my mother with a warm smile as she ran her fingers through my messy hair.
  • She made me realize that I had acted selfishly, so I loosened my grip. “Can I go visit you then? Mr. Goldstein isn't against that, is he?”
  • “You can come to visit me anytime. It's just that I'm afraid he might be upset that I didn't go home yesterday night, so wait for my call, okay? Be good, Eve.”
  • I tried my best to control my emotions as I watched Isabelle leave. It was six in the morning when I reached home, and sitting on the couch in the living room was Christopher with a stony expression on his face. It was only after I saw Christopher in person that I remembered I had not contacted the man since I met my mother the day before.
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