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Chapter 523 Deft Hands And A Temporary Wife

  • It would be bad if my future mother-in-law heard that and assumed I was the one who taught the servants to call me that. Though Christopher and I were already married, it was unwise for me to get too ahead of myself at this juncture.
  • “But, Mrs. Lane, aren't you and Mr. Lane already married? Madam specifically instructed us to call you that,” the servant explained matter-of-factly.
  • W-What? I started wondering whether my stay in the hospital had messed with my brain. This must be a hallucination; if not, there was no way to explain Julia's odd behavior. I was so preoccupied with my thoughts that I failed to notice Christopher entering the room.
  • “Why are you gaping? Did something amazing happen?” He grazed the tip of my nose gently with a finger.
  • “No... It just doesn't make sense.” I pointed toward the staircase. “Your mom instructed the servants to address me as Mrs. Lane. I must be hearing things, aren't I?”
  • My words must have amused him as Christopher broke into a light chuckle. In one swift motion, he lifted me and spun a few rounds around the room before setting me gently on the bed. “Have more confidence in yourself. My mom's actually a softie on the inside. Since you treat her well, she'll do the same to you. Otherwise, you wouldn't be in my room right now.”
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