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Chapter 515 I Will Go With You

  • The emergency room door suddenly opened. A doctor came out and stated frantically, “It's bad. The patient is bleeding profusely. She can't wait any longer. Bring the blood from the blood bank as soon as possible!”
  • “Yvonne!” Christopher shoved Darius out of the way and rushed toward the emergency room.
  • “The patient's blood pressure is falling and her breathing is weakening. She needs treatment immediately!”
  • “Her heartbeat is becoming weaker and weaker. What do we do now?”
  • “Prepare for cardiac resuscitation.”
  • Christopher saw the scene happening before him. He then felt as though he had gone back to the past - the time when he woke up on the deserted island. I practically went insane then, since I could not see Yvonne for two months.
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