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Chapter 513 In Danger

  • “What are you doing?” Out of the blue, the man standing in front of us turned around, shouted at us, and started to approach us. My heart raced. There was only one thought in my mind. Oh no! We are busted.
  • Fortunately, the man stopped at the woman in front of me and kicked her instead.
  • “Don't kill me. Please don't kill me!” The woman in front was together with a baby. She hugged the little one in her arms and pleaded, “My daughter is unwell and has high fever. Can you please let me out? I need to take her to the hospital. She's only six months old. I can't delay any longer.”
  • “Shut up!” The man kicked the woman again. “Don't move. Otherwise, I'll pull the trigger.” After that, he cursed and walked away.
  • My body stiffened as cold sweat drenched my back. I was really frightened just now.
  • The robbers were still packing the money. Although the bank we were in was just a branch, it was the largest branch in the country. There had to be a massive amount of money in the bank. Every second that passed by felt awfully long to me. Furthermore, I did not know if those people would leave immediately after taking the money or would they take hostages before making their escape.
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