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Chapter 508 A Date With Julia

  • Waa! The moment a baby's loud wail pierced the air, I was so thrilled that tears almost escaped my eyes. Oh my God, that's my godson!
  • “Congratulations! It's an adorable baby boy! Both mother and child are doing fine. Please send your wife and the child to the hospital for further examination.”
  • As Zachary cradled the baby, he grinned like a fool. The doctor had to repeat himself several times before he finally gathered his wits about him and handed the child to me.
  • I carefully cradled the tiny and delicate baby. He had just entered the world, so even opening his eyes was a strenuous task to him. He cried for a while at first before he started looking around curiously, blinking his black eyes every so often. When I gently touched his cheek, he giggled at me.
  • A maternal instinct spread all over me, and I dipped my head to peck him on his soft cheek.
  • Even after placing the child into the incubator, I still couldn't bear to part with him. Through the glass, I gently stroked his tiny hand, and he likewise waved his hands before touching it to my palm.
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