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Chapter 506 My Idol Overindulged

  • At first, I thought that someone had set me up again, and those people were there to pick trouble with me. Only after listening to them did I realize that I had been completely whitewashed because my work was exhibited at Ansley's art exhibition. I then uttered a few words to the journalists in a daze. It wasn't until Christopher led me into the car and we left did I finally realize that I had become a renowned figure.
  • I peered into the rearview mirror and looked at my face before glancing at the journalists who were still chasing after the car at the back. Pointing at my face, I turned to Christopher. “Chris, I seem to have become a renowned figure. What an incredible feeling!”
  • “You've always been renowned. What's so incredible about it?” Christopher teased.
  • “That's different. In the past, I was interviewed because of negative press. This time, however, I'm the heroine of my own story.” I was still feeling as though I was dreaming, so I patted my cheeks lightly. When a smarting pain shot through me, I finally realized that my path to transformation had already begun right then.
  • “So, my beautiful heroine, do you mind adding a hero in your story?” Christopher pinched my cheek. When we stopped at the traffic light, he grasped my chin and kissed me long and deep.
  • “That depends on your performance. If you don't perform well, I'll just give you a minor role.” I deliberately lifted my head and put on a haughty expression. Before Christopher laughed, I began chortling myself, finding myself very much silly.
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