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Chapter 501 Nathan Took Good Care Of You

  • “Eve, I know you're angry that I didn't look for you throughout the years. I just... I just didn't know how to face you, so I-”
  • Isabelle's remark was tantamount to pouring fuel on the fire. I jerked my head up and glowered at her resentfully even as I roared, “Just because you didn't know how to face me, so you decided to avoid me? For that reason, you simply pretended that you have no daughter? If it weren't for this party today that had us bumping into each other, were you planning to avoid me for the rest of your life?”
  • “No, that's not it. Let me explain, Eve. I-”
  • “Then, tell me this—was it you I saw on the street three days ago?” I snarled, all my sanity obliterated by rage. After so many years, the image of my mother has become increasingly faded. Sometimes, when I dreamed of her at night, I even doubted that I actually had no mother and all those wonderful memories were just fantasies my mind made up because I was missing my mother too much.
  • “You've grown up, Eve.” The look in Isabelle's eyes as she gazed at me radiated an indecipherable sense of sorrow. She stared at me intently. “I'm really glad to see that you've grown up well and are even so outstanding now. It seems that your father took good care of you. It turns out that he has some conscience, after all. As such, I can finally rest easy.”
  • Haha! Sure enough, she has never paid any attention to me throughout the years. Otherwise, why would she say such a thing? Nathan is good to me and took good care of me? That's the funniest joke I've ever heard! If it weren't for my memories verifying the fact that I'm truly a Tanner, a daughter of the Tanner family, I'd suspect that I was merely adopted. Thus, they then had reason to be apathetic toward me, and my father could also treat me worse than a stranger!
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