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Chapter 499 Spotlight On Yvonne

  • Jonah had completed the entire art when I started on a curved flower petal. He laughed as though he'd won when he saw my canvas only had two petals.
  • I ignored his sneer and the whispers from the audience, merely focusing all my attention on my art.
  • “I'm done!” Jonah threw his paintbrush onto the table as he proclaimed triumphantly after completing four of his artworks.
  • At the same time, I drew the last stroke and put down my brush. “I'm done too.”
  • “This is the artwork you wanted to use to compete against me?” Jonah taunted as he looked at the flower buds. Suddenly, his face turned red in anger. “Hey, are you looking down on me? Why else would you compete with this artwork? Is the painting on the wall done by another artist?”
  • “Sorry, there's a final step I missed.” I walked toward Christopher and asked for his glass of water, then headed back to the stage. As I stared at the about-to-bloom peony, I dipped my paintbrush into the water and splashed it onto the painting. All the peonies had blossomed as though they had come alive.
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