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Chapter 493 Things Did Not Work Themselves Out

  • “Even if I were to poke a hole in the sky, she would try her best to patch it up for me. Hence, we've never gotten into any fights at all.”
  • “Well, I have.” I smiled faintly and pointed at my face as I continued, “Mom hit me really hard once when she saw me fighting with Yvette over something. I was so stupid back then. With a scary look on her face, she told me to not treat an irresponsible b*stard like Nathan as my dad. I was too young to understand what a homewrecker was at the time, so I didn't know why she was so upset. Now that I think about it, Mom probably wanted to leave the moment she saw Scarlett show up at the Tanner residence. Do you think that's why she left?”
  • Christopher didn't answer my question and simply hugged me tighter in response. “Nothing I say would be of any good now, but maybe things aren't as bad as you think. I believe that things have a way of working themselves out, so you'll probably find your answers when you see her.”
  • “Perhaps.” I let out a helpless chuckle. “Given how smart Mom is, I bet she must've known about Scarlett long before she left. She probably didn't mind it as long as Dad kept that woman out of the house, and she finally chose to completely give up on their relationship the day he brought her home.”
  • As Ansley's art exhibition was only three days away, I didn't have time to waste moping about. With Ansley being a world-renowned artist, the guests attending the art exhibition were all famous people from all over the world.
  • I was instantly surrounded by journalists the moment I got out of Christopher's car and entered the venue. With the blinding camera flashes in my face, I tried my best to straighten my back and stay calm so as to not embarrass myself in an international event.
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