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Chapter 492 Isabelle Appears

  • “Okay, Eve, I believe you. We'll go look for her together after the art exhibition is over, all right?”
  • I buried my face in his chest and wept. “Why didn't she come and see me, Chris? Why is she so heartless? How could a mom be so heartless? All I want is to see her once... Why won't she just let me see her?”
  • Christopher patted me gently on the back. “It hurts me to see you cry, Eve. No matter what happens, I'll be right by your side, in this lifetime and the ones to come.”
  • “Chris... Chris...” I cried out his name while my tears flowed onto his chest. I was certain that I had seen Isabelle, and that she simply chose not to see me.
  • Little did I know that that was really my mother who had abandoned me and the driver was her toxic boyfriend.
  • After what seemed like forever, I was able to finally regain my composure and stop crying. I hadn't seen my mom in ages, so running into her on the streets so suddenly caught me off guard and got me all emotional. That was especially the case since I knew she had never intended to see me at all.
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