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Chapter 488 My Real Self Has Returned

  • “Hmph! You have overestimated yourself!” I heard Harvey mocking me. Glancing back at the canvas, I gritted my teeth, grabbed my brush, and started sketching rapidly. The splatter of black paint could become a black cloud after some edits.
  • I was so anxious that sweat dotted my forehead. Within those brief ten minutes, my mind had never been so clear. When Remington announced that the time was up, my brush fell on the ground. As I was drawing too fast, my fingers became stiff and I could not even maintain a firm grip on the brush.
  • After those six years, not only had my painting skills deteriorated, but my fingers were also unwilling to cooperate with me. I felt sad when I looked at the fallen brush on the ground. Why did I waste six years of my life?
  • “There's no need to judge, right? I've won!” Standing in front of his artwork, Harvey crossed his hands over his chest and laughed mockingly.
  • I remained silent and merely stared at my canvas. On the night I left the Tanner family six years ago, I had drawn the exact same painting in my silent bedroom. Then, I tore it into shreds and threw them into the dustbin. That was my farewell to my art career. Yet, this time, I knew that I had truly returned.
  • “Let's just leave. There's no need to gather here anymore! Since the National Youth Art Exhibition and Contest is being held now, why don't you spend more time drawing and exhibiting your paintings? You can even participate in a charity auction and do something good. Anything's better than mingling around with undeserving people!”
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