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Chapter 481 Only You

  • “You're wearing leather shoes, right? It's kind of amazing that the mosquito could still pierce right through it.”
  • “Of course. They don't come at me if I don't have delicious blood,” Christopher chuckled.
  • That brat is so full of himself.
  • It was good weather for golf. The sun was not too bright, and there was some light breeze as well.
  • I sat on the chair with my eyes half-closed. I had made an appointment to go to the art studio with Remington and Spencer the day after tomorrow. I supposed I could have a lot to gain from the two and was quite looking forward to it. Even though Spencer was still giving me the half-pleasant face, I knew that he was not so hostile to me as before.
  • First impressions played a pivotal role in that, I presumed. After sipping on the tea that the waiter brought me, I decided to take a stroll under the shade. This rather high-class golf club had a swimming pool built among the forest, and also a dedicated live band, among other facilities.
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