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Chapter 48 Putting Up With Him

  • The sky was shrouded in darkness. Following the dark clouds was a strong gust of wind. My eyes were irritated by the sand carried in the wind.
  • Even the Gods are picking on me? The weather was fine a few minutes ago. Where can I go now? Fortunately, I had a stalwart friend that I could always count on.
  • After borrowing the phone of a pedestrian walking by, I gave Sabrina a call. Less than half an hour later, she arrived in her car to pick me up. Gazing at the palm print on my face, she turned livid. Sabrina wanted to give Lyle a piece of her mind but she was deterred by me. This is between me and Lyle. Getting her caught up in this would only exacerbate things.
  • “Yvonne, I don't even know what I should say to you anymore. You really ought to look out for yourself more. If things keep going like this, you'll end up being a divorcée,” Sabrina lectured me while driving.
  • Although her words were a bit harsh, I knew she really cared about me. Out of all the high-born ladies I knew, she was the only one who was willing to put up with my clumsiness and be my friend.
  • Sabrina brought me to her apartment and gave me a change of clothes as she said, “You can't live like this anymore, Yvonne. You should divorce him. If he was shameless enough to hit you today, who knows what horrendous things he'll do to you in the future.”
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