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Chapter 476 An Apology From Monica

  • I had just pulled the safety belt out, but Christopher was already helping me buckle up. When he was done, he kissed me on my cheeks before he started driving.
  • “Did something happen to Monica? Where is she going?” I asked as calmly as I could, but the mere mention of Monica sent me on high alert. That woman had tried to kill me multiple times, so every time she and Crystal were brought up, I'd pay attention so I wouldn't fall for their schemes ever again.
  • “She's going to Anglandur to work as a pianist. She's exhausted the domestic opportunities, and Anglandur provides a better environment for her. She can perform better overseas,” Christopher answered calmly.
  • Hmm, so she would be going overseas for years. Is she finally giving up? I was surprised if that was the case since she never stopped trying to get rid of me. If she wanted to, she could set me up so badly and get Christopher to marry her.
  • But now she's going overseas? I was reminded of the news I saw before. The Avenport incident garnered a lot of attention the moment it was reported. Most people didn't mind who the mayor was, but for people like us, this change propelled the Lane family to greater heights.
  • That was why Christopher had been busy these past few days. He didn't have time to handle Crystal's matter, so he asked his assistant to settle it for him.
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