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Chapter 473 The Warm And Loving Julia

  • As a teenager, I used to always run to my mother's room and sob whenever I was bullied ruthlessly by Crystal and Yvette. And I would always take advantage of my father's good mood to question him about my mother's whereabouts. Despite that, he would often fly into a rage and slap me across the face. Gradually, I stopped asking him.
  • “I'm a grown-up now, Dad. You said it yourself before that once I become an adult, then I don't need your care and concern anymore.” After saying that, I took a long deep breath. It was late summer, and the air was warm and humid. However, I somehow felt chilled to the bones.
  • Nathan's face darkened at my remark. He opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but no words came out of his mouth. There was no remorse on his face, only calmness.
  • “You've grown up indeed, Yvonne. I can't tell you what to do anymore.”
  • “You're wrong again, Dad. How can I pretend I didn't see it when you've already said so?” In the end, I couldn't ignore his opinion.
  • When Christopher returned, I told him about the conversation I had with my father. There was a weird expression on his face as I recounted the conversation. All the while, he kept sighing at me as though he was at a loss of what to say.
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