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Chapter 471 Getting Lectured

  • “That woman was so galling though, so it's not my fault.” Christopher let out a snort before adding on, “Besides, everybody in Avenport should have heard about our relationship by now. Hence, the people who still want to go on a blind date with me despite knowing that must have some other malicious intent in mind. I don't want to have anything to do with those people.”
  • “The thing that you said just now, about her being pregnant with a baby. Is that true?”
  • “Yeah. Zachary was the one who provided me with this information. It can't be wrong.” Christopher fed me some pastries before continuing, “I must admit, Sabrina is a nice friend to have. I'm impressed that you were able to find a friend like her.”
  • “Of course. I'm a good judge of character. If I am not, I wouldn't have liked you.”
  • As I said that, I noticed someone's shadow behind us. When I turned around, I was startled by who I saw. Julia was standing behind us all this while! I quickly got out of Christopher's arms and sat up with my back straight.
  • Julia ignored my presence and started lecturing Christopher, “Why do you always have to upset your dates, Christopher? This time you even brought her along to the date. How could you do such a thing? Can't you at least show some respect for your date? Rachael gave me a call just now wailing about her encounter with you. You dare to call yourself a man after what you've said to her?”
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