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Chapter 467 Blind Date Wars

  • Christopher was in a coffee shop. Rumor had it that Julia had introduced him to another girl again. She hoped that Christopher could meet some more women to open up his eyes. This girl was a shy person. She blushed when she talked to Christopher. She seemed hesitant to speak due to her shyness. But she was innocent and adorable.
  • I was wearing a customized maternity clothes, sitting behind them with a newspaper in my hand. When the girl said that she wanted to keep on going out with Christopher, he coughed lightly.
  • It was our secret code. Without a second thought, I rushed over and hugged his leg. I yelled at him, “Mr. Lane, please don't leave me. I'm five months pregnant now with a boy. You told me that you like boys. Can you chase me away only after I give birth to the boy?”
  • I cried while saying to the girl, “Miss, if you're married to Mr. Lane, please treat my kid better. It is just a fertilized egg now, but are you ready to become a stepmother?”
  • “Stepmother?” Her facial expression changed completely. Then, she covered her face and started sobbing as she left.
  • At a wax museum, I was standing in the middle of wax figures. This girl had such an unusual hobby. Suddenly, I had great sympathy for Christopher. He was the one to blame for being too awesome. Surprisingly, a bold and daring man like Christopher found those creepy wax figures in the museum unacceptable either.
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