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Chapter 466 None Of My Business

  • I almost blurted the words out and told her that I wasn't a lesbian. However, the words were stuck in my throat. How weird it was to explain my sexual orientation twice a day?
  • After Madeline left, I looked at Christopher in confusion. She seemed to be a powerful love rival that he couldn't even resist.
  • “Let's eat something. I ordered seafood chowder for you. It's good for health.” Christopher pulled me to the table and sat down. Feeling bad, he stuffed a set of cutlery into my hand and said, “Usually, you would get tired after walking for a few miles. Today, you almost crossed half of the Avenport. You must be completely drained.”
  • I was taking a mouthful of the chowder while Christopher said that. I lifted my head in a daze and struggled to swallow it. I asked, “How did you know?” I found myself silly after asking that question. Finally, I came to a realization. “So you've actually noticed it since the beginning? You bast*rd. I can't believe you pretended that you didn't know anything. You even went for a date with another woman.”
  • “Don't underestimate the counter-reconnaissance skill of the special forces. If I hadn't noticed your way of stalking me, Zachary would have kicked me out of the special forces and taken over my position as a captain.” Christopher patted gently on my head. “Let's eat. I will explain to you after that. I got your favorite boiled crawfish too. It will be ready soon. Of course, there's also grilled escargots.”
  • I started drooling when I thought about the food. I was busy stalking just now. I didn't even have time to eat. But now all I cared about was all the delicious food. Hence, I stuffed myself with food with a contented smile on my face.
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