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Chapter 463 Accept Defeat

  • “That sounds logical. Please, go ahead!” Sabrina rolled down the car windows and gestured at me.
  • “You don't have to explain yourself, Ms. Tanner. I said that I admire your paintings. As long as you keep working hard, your name will be heard amongst the younger artists in the nation!” Remington showed me thumbs up. “Keep up the good work!”
  • The man on the driver's seat slammed his foot on the accelerator and zoomed past us. Smelling the whiff of the car exhaust, Sabrina and I exchanged a glance. Speechless, we stayed silent for a while before bursting into laughter.
  • After laughing, I said to Sabrina, “Are you happy now? Tell me, what happened?”
  • She sighed and said seriously, “When I strolling past a café, I spotted Christopher drinking coffee with a pretty girl. They looked so intimate like they were flirting with each other! Take a look quickly and stop anything bad from happening. If something did happen, catch them in their act!”
  • I doubted her words. If Christopher met a woman alone, she was probably his business partner. It was normal for women to pester such an exceptional man like him.
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