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Chapter 455 Filthy

  • Crystal had agreed to several unfair terms, all for the sake of returning safely from Jetroina.
  • Everyone fell into silence after watching the video. No one would have thought that Crystal was a woman with such easy virtue. It was horrendous!
  • It was a long silence, and it was so quiet in the hall that one could hear a pin drop. Suddenly, Crystal let out a scream before she picked up the sound system that Wendy had just hit her with. Then, she lifted it over her head and hurled it at the screen.
  • With a loud crash, several cracks appeared on the screen. But the footage had been imprinted on everyone's memory. Crystal slumped to the ground, and her spirit was in shambles.
  • Benjamin walked up to Crystal, and then he crouched down to be at eye level with her. The adoration he had for her was gone. “I've always thought of you as a goddess. I thought you were an untouchable woman, only to be admired from afar. It turns out that you're nothing but a promiscuous woman.”
  • “No... no... hear me out, Benjamin. Don't turn your back on me too. I had no choice. Your brother made me do it. If he had not threatened to expose my secrets about my plagiarized paintings, I wouldn't have helped him. Don't look at me like that, please...” Crystal sobbed as she reached out for his hand.
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