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Chapter 452 The Tragedy That Befall Crystal

  • “Hmph! I can't believe we called a heartless impostor like you an artist! You're a disgrace to art!” Julian shouted angrily as he got up from his chair.
  • Hmm... That sounds familiar... Oh, that's right! They said the exact same thing to me when my painting was rejected! Da*n, I didn't even realize Crystal had invited this many artists to her wedding...
  • Spencer was shocked as well and stared at both of us in disbelief. “She has been faking it the whole time? But... That's impossible, right?”
  • “Oh, god... Why is this happening?” Wendy slumped weakly against the chair and stared blankly into space.
  • Sharon chuckled in disdain as she said, “This is the precious daughter-in-law you've always wanted. Make sure you take a good long look at her now!”
  • For some reason, I couldn't help but feel a little depressed when I saw Nathan and the others running about frantically like a bunch of headless chickens.
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