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Chapter 450 Trump Card

  • The wedding march began playing once again, but there was an unsettling tension in the atmosphere this time. With an ex-wife like me and a grandma who objected to the wedding in attendance, the laughter and praises from the guests had significantly reduced. Instead, they were mostly murmuring and whispering among themselves about what was happening.
  • The two of them then exchanged their wedding rings, and the wedding ceremony was only a step away from completion. Didn't Christopher say they wouldn't be able to complete the wedding? Why is it so peaceful and quiet? What did he and Sharon plan on doing? Is it going to just end like this? This can't be right...
  • “Mr. Smith and Ms. Tanner have known each other since they were kids and spent over ten years of their lives together. Ms. Tanner has painted a series of pictures to commemorate their love, so let us all bear witness to their beautiful relationship...”
  • A painting then appeared on the huge screen. It was a simple yet vivid image of Lyle and Crystal sitting on a meadow, with one of them painting a picture while the other sat there and propped his head on his elbow while waiting patiently.
  • The next painting was one of Crystal dancing by a lake while Lyle played the piano next to her.
  • I couldn't help but feel that those weren't Crystal's work because she simply wasn't that great at painting. The next thing I knew, a video popped up on the screen and began playing.
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