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Chapter 45 Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day

  • “Alright, I'll fetch you some,” Christopher said. In no time, he came back with two bottles of red wine and vodka.
  • Having worked in the line of sales that involved a lot of socializing in the past, I had built up a strong tolerance for alcohol. As such, I was still rather sober after downing half a bottle of wine. As I tried to gulp down the remaining liquid, Christopher swiftly removed the bottle from my hand.
  • He stared deep into my eyes as he chided, “Binge drinking is bad for you.” A glint of sorrow flashed across his eyes.
  • “Please let me drink. You see, I've had a crush on Lyle for ten years, and married him for two. Why is it that in his eyes, I'm nothing but a whore? Tell me, what have I done wrong?”
  • Christopher finally relented and handed the wine bottle back to me. As I resumed my drinking, I started telling him my story with Lyle; how I used to have a secret crush on him, how he always humiliated me, and how he then dangled hope in front of me.
  • Lyle, you're so cruel. Why did you marry me if you didn't love me? Why do you always give me new hopes when I think all is lost, only to crush them all by having an affair?
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