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Chapter 445 Afraid Of Lucas

  • As if my words had offended him, Nathan slammed his hand against the table and jumped to his feet in response. His eyes were like that of a raging beast, and he had a look of disdain and disgust on his face as he glared at me.
  • Before I knew it, he stepped forward and swung his hand toward me with all of his might. It all happened too quickly, so I had no chance to dodge it at all.
  • Damn it, I knew coming here with him was a bad idea! I thought to myself as I closed my eyes and braced myself for the incoming attack.
  • “Oh, wow! Things are looking pretty lively over here! Long time no see, Mr. Tanner!” said a familiar voice from behind.
  • The slap never came, and I was surprised when I saw the man standing next to me after I opened my eyes.
  • He was very well-groomed, dressed formally, and had a very gentlemanly air about him. “Hi, Yvonne! It's been a while!” he said with a wink when he noticed me staring at him.
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