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Chapter 442 Just Bear With It

  • I couldn't help but laugh at the excuse Lyle came up with because I knew the real reason he had invited me. He was unhappy that I wasn't threatened by him being with Crystal, so he wanted me to see him marry her and live a happy life together. He thought it would make me regret leaving him, but he had no idea how happy I was being with Christopher.
  • He didn't know how well Christopher treated me nor how much he would spoil me. While I was indeed in a pinch at the time, I knew very well that it was only temporary, and that things would change for the better.
  • After Lyle and Wendy had gone back inside, I winked at Christopher and made an ushering motion. “Lyle said he wants to make me give up on him! Should I go in and take a good long look at him getting married?”
  • “Of course you should! Make sure you burn that image into your head so I can rest assured!” Christopher replied as he took my arm and motioned at me to walk ahead.
  • Noticing the camera flashes through the corner of my eye, I frowned as I saw a lot of journalists around the hotel. Why are there journalists here? Is it because of my recent drama with Crystal and Monica?
  • The press was highly capable of twisting the facts and making people believe their lies. Having experienced that first hand, I knew just how devastating false rumors could be and was really afraid of them.
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