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Chapter 437 Who Is The Loser

  • I stood in front of the mirror, completely stunned by the work the stylist had done on me. This was not the first time I got a makeover from a stylist, but my hairstyle today was completely different from anything I had done before, yet it fully complimented my makeup. The makeup artist had done an excellent job bringing out my best features.
  • I instantly fell in love with my new look— refreshingly sweet with just enough hint of sexiness in this attire. I didn't remember looking this beautiful in my life, not even on the day Lyle and I got married.
  • “Come on, let's take a walk outside and have some afternoon tea while waiting for my idol to come and pick you up for that party. You'll definitely be able to show off to that so-called new school artist with your nice set of knockers,” Sabrina said while giving my chest a little squeeze, and then did the same on hers. “Maybe with some luck, mine will start growing again.”
  • Rolling my eyes, I smacked Sabrina's hand off my chest. It was ridiculous to think that I would use the advantage of my body to show Crystal up. All I wanted to do was to wear something appropriate while keeping a low profile when attending the wedding ceremony. Besides, I was curious about Christopher's cryptic prophecy that the wedding was doomed to fail.
  • The man is so sure that the wedding ceremony is going to fall apart. I wonder how things are going to unfold at the wedding.
  • Feeling people's gazes on me, I bent forward slightly in an attempt to mask my bosom. It wasn't my fault that I was gifted in such a way that pleased Christopher to no end. Whenever we were in bed together, he would comment that God was wise to have blessed my chest instead of my brain.
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