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Chapter 434 Stop Lyle From Marrying Crystal

  • Christopher got up, leaned against the headboard and took out a cigarette. When he nodded at me, I passed him a lighter to light his cigarette. Smelling the faint scent of tobacco, I smiled. Although I hated it when Lyle smoked, I loved it when Christopher did it.
  • Perhaps it was because he looked exceptionally charming when he smoked. His fingers were long and well-defined, even more so than that of hand models. With the cigarette hanging between his lips, he took a small puff. Smoke lingered in the air while the cigarette glowed faintly, making him look extremely alluring.
  • “Why would you suddenly think of that?” Christopher took a few more puffs of the cigarette before kissing me.
  • Leaning against his shoulder, I said softly, “Molly told me some weird things. I have a feeling that Crystal will do something horrible. She can't marry Lyle. No matter what, I still care about Sharon. She's a lonely old woman stuck in a tough situation. Shouldn't we do something about it?”
  • “Don't worry, Lyle won't marry Crystal. You're underestimating Sharon. She's been the head of the Smith family for so many years. Even though Wendy kept kicking up fusses, she still failed to gain any power. Do you think that she'll be bullied by Crystal? Let's just wait and see,” reassured Christopher with a smile as he poked my forehead gently.
  • “Fine. I'm the only one who can get bullied.” I shrugged helplessly. “I'm a dumb girl, while all of you are such cunning manipulators.”
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