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Chapter 432 Your Actions

  • In the end, Sharon didn't mention anything about forgiveness and had us stay for lunch. She brought me to the garden to avoid Christopher from listening. “I know that Lyle went to see you. He had always been uncertain, but I could feel that he really wanted to start over with you this time. Are you really not going to consider it?”
  • My suppressed anger finally broke out. I stomped on the flowers on the ground until their petals fell off and their rhizomes detached. Then, I pointed at the damaged flowers and asked, “Tell me, is it possible for these flowers to recover to their original state? If you could change them back to their original form, I will promise you anything.”
  • Even at this point, Sharon still wanted to use me to stop Lyle from marrying Crystal. Did she really think that she could manipulate me just because I wasn't angry?
  • “Yvonne...” Sharon's lips trembled and finally showed a look of guilt on her face. “You're still angry with me. I never wanted to put you in this position. I just wanted things to go back to the way it was before. Back to when the three of us lived happily together.”
  • I pointed at my face and smirked, “I'm not the kind of person to be easily deceived. Do you think you can get me head over heels and obey you with the small favor and benefits you throw at me? Do I look like a fool to you?”
  • My heart sank. If Sharon didn't mention anything about this and just left it at the apology, I would at least retain a little bit of respect for her. However, she had the audacity to mention the episode where Lyle went looking for me.
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