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Chapter 430 No Longer Useful

  • For an extended period, I became very silent. Even with Christopher's care and affection, my emotions didn't change much. Humans were social animals, so when everyone rejected them, only those with a strong heart would not waver.
  • I was never someone with a strong will. I would be lying to say that I wasn't affected by this incident.
  • Sometimes, I even felt that I hadn't made any progress compared to ten years ago. When Crystal framed me ten years ago, I was alone and helpless. I knew the truth, but I couldn't say it out. Now, even if I said it, no one would believe me.
  • I knew everything had to do with Crystal. I even knew the identity of the person who set me up. But I had no way to resolve the situation, and I had no choice but to be manipulated by their schemes.
  • “Eve, come and see me. I have something to tell you.”
  • I wasn't surprised when I received Sharon's phone call. What she did that day put me in such a devastating situation, and it had been going on for almost a month. Additionally, Lyle and Crystal's wedding would be held at the end of the month.
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