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Chapter 429 I Will Not Make You Wait For Too Long

  • I expected the package to be my paintings from the exhibition, but I didn't expect them to be destroyed. Apart from the third painting that Christopher took away, the other two were supposed to be collectibles to be kept in the gallery for future visitors to admire and copy.
  • When I was in university, I saw many entries in the competition. At that time, I imagined that one day, when someone wanted to learn to paint, they would treat my paintings as references and discover their inspiration through my paintings.
  • When I took the two paintings out of the box, there were in shreds, and as their original painter, I couldn't piece them together. As the saying goes, a battle between women was a battle without gunpowder. But this wasn't a battle; it was simply a disaster for me.
  • I carefully held the shredded pieces in my arms and cried silently. Monica and Crystal were so ruthless; they completely destroyed me. If it weren't for my romantic relationship with Christopher, probably even Christopher would have given up on me.
  • I spread out a piece of paper and gathered the broken pieces, attempting to piece them back together. After trying for a while, I only managed to piece back a few parts. Everything looked crooked, and I scoffed at my incompetence.
  • I was terrified and desperate, but I couldn't vent it out. In the end, nothing changed since the beginning. I was still a pitiful soul. The only change that positive change was probably having Christopher in my life.
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