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Chapter 42 An Adventure With Christopher

  • I could barely suppress the urge to tell the onlookers it was Yvette's fault because they wouldn't stop making fun of me. However, it would not do me any good because that would make it seem like an attempt to blame others for my mistakes.
  • Out of the blue, Nathan yelled, “Hurry up and go get yourself changed! You're embarrassing me!”
  • Within a few seconds, everyone turned around when they heard Christopher gasping out loud. I grabbed the opportunity and made my way. When I turned around, I saw Christopher completely drenched in wine, reprimanding the housekeeper.
  • I knew it was a favor he had done me to get me out of the nasty situation when I caught a glimpse of him winking at me. He was conscious that I was in desperate need of an opportunity to sneak away.
  • Once I returned to the garden, I took a seat under the tree and removed my pair of heels. I noticed that my ankle was already swollen. Considering the injuries I had sustained over the past few weeks, I thought my life couldn't get worse than it already was.
  • Out of nowhere, someone placed his coat over me. It was a familiar sensation, and upon a simple glimpse, I noticed it was Christopher again. He showed up and greeted me with a mischievous smile, “Can you look after yourself and stop getting into more troubles?”
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