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Chapter 419 Do Not Wish To Be A Tanner

  • Lyle heard what I said and glanced at Christopher, who was standing next to me. The spark in his eyes disappeared before he sneered, “I had no idea that you cared so much about me. Please be sure to attend my wedding. I look forward to getting a wedding gift from you.”
  • I frowned. Why does it seem like he's out to annoy me?
  • “Don't worry, Mr. Smith. Eve and I will definitely attend your wedding. We won't disappoint you,” Christopher said with a smile as he hooked his arm around me, and there was a hint of malice in his eyes.
  • “Let's go in, Lyle. I've been standing too long, and the baby is kicking me inside,” Crystal whined. When no one was looking at her, she glared at me, and there was a strange smile on her face.
  • The dinner was more like torture for me. Not only did I have to endure Crystal and Yvette's stupid comments, but I also had to endure Wendy and Nathan's patronizing ways. And yet, Lyle's eyes seemed to burn a hole in me.
  • Fortunately, Christopher was with me, and we carried on with our meals as we spoke softly to each other. After a while, Nathan turned to Christopher and said, “Christopher, I heard that your company won a tender recently and that you're looking for a company to cooperate with. Instead of looking elsewhere, how about cooperating with the Tanner family?”
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