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Chapter 415 The Woman Determined To Be A Mistress

  • “You'll forgive me, right?” Monica called after Julia at the lack of a reply.
  • Julia didn't look back and settled her gaze on the floor. She replied mildly, “Either way, I do owe you something. I can't deny that. Rest well, alright? We'll talk about everything else later.”
  • I could sense Julia's sorrow. After bending over backward to treat Monica wholeheartedly, she found out that Monica had been plotting against the people closest to her the whole time. Anybody would be rattled by that. When I left the hospital, I could still hear Monica wailing and sobbing behind me.
  • This time, there was no one to comfort her.
  • “Chris, you should go home to check on Julia later.” I felt slightly wary. Christopher had told Julia the truth in order to stop her from protecting Monica, but the truth hurt. As always, the ones who cared the most got hurt the most badly. I felt that Christopher should go home and have a proper chat with his mother.
  • “Are you coming with me?” Christopher asked.
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