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Chapter 413 A Terrifying Plot

  • “Chris!” I quickly checked on him. Christopher was already weakened back then, and Monica spiked his meds to keep him weak? He was even puking up blood left and right!
  • “How do you feel? Are you hurt?” I was on the verge of tears. Does Monica really love Christopher? If she really loves him, why did she hurt him so badly?
  • “I'm fine. Got all of it out of my system already.” Christopher patted my hand, his gaze gentle. A moment later, that tenderness was replaced by a fiery ferocity that targeted Monica.
  • “You thought nobody realized your little trick, but you forgot one thing. I used to be in the special forces. I was trained to recognize and resist the very kind of drug you spiked my meds with. I knew something was wrong with the meds the moment I woke up.”
  • “Chris!” Monica didn't struggle anymore, for she was already breaking down, but there was one last hope for her—Julia. “Julia...”
  • Julia had been keeping her silent ever since Christopher started exposing Monica. She couldn't believe what she was hearing, but she had to accept it. When Monica called out to her, she finally looked up, but she wasn't struggling to pick a side anymore. This time, she was calm and determined.
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