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Chapter 401 Monica

  • Sensing an awkwardness in the atmosphere, I was just about to persuade Remington, when we were interrupted by Crystal's dreary voice.
  • “Spencer, please do not be upset with Remington over me. It was my fault. I was worried about Yvonne and so I said something offensive. I'm sorry, Remington.
  • Harumph! Julian snorted and left in a huff, perhaps offended by Remington.
  • I was fortunate enough to be treated as a distinguished guest because of Christopher and was seated at the main table with Remington. Unfortunately, Crystal was also at the main table which irritated me.
  • There was a live exhibition as one of the artists sketched the scene of the mingling guests with just a few strokes of the pencil. I quietly stole a glance at Remington and then glared at him rather angrily. With a tone of displeasure, I said, “You can see quite normally, so why you pretended to be blind?”
  • “Not long ago, I had an eye infection. The doctor told me to avoid sunlight by wearing sunglasses. I did not deceive you on purpose.” Remington smiled at me apologetically.
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