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Chapter 398 Seduce Another Man

  • The man who came to the party with Lyle tonight wasn't Lyle but Benson, the most likely heir of the Miller family.
  • Before attending the party, I planned to chat with my childhood idols. However, I lost interest once I realized that the place was too noisy.
  • After answering a call, Christopher said he had to leave to deal with something urgent. Hence, I sat in a corner and had a cup of tea while waiting for Christopher to pick me up.
  • Not long after I sat down, a man who wore sunglasses and held a walking stick pointed at my chair and said, “Miss, you've taken my seat.”
  • “I'm sorry. I thought it was empty.” I immediately stood up and gave the seat to him. Even though there were chairs everywhere, I didn't want to argue with a blind man.
  • While the man constantly hit the floor with his walking stick, I remembered the terrible days when I lost my vision, as though the whole world was devoid of colors.
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